A Yoga studio at 1773 Pittwater Rd, Mona Vale, on Sydney’s Northern beaches, with classes, workshops and courses in Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda - beginners to advanced.

Guringai Yoga Shala is ideally located for those living in Mona Vale, Bayview, Newport, Avalon, Clareville, Bilgola, Whale Beach, Palm Beach, Warriewood, Narrabeen, Elanora Heights, Ingleside, Terrey Hills and the Ku-ring-gai surrounds. We offer Dynamic Yoga, Hatha Yoga (gentle and restorative), Freedom Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, customised Yoga classes, Yoga and the bush, and kids’ Yoga.

About Fabio Fabbri

Fabio-Saffron-Rose-YogaFabio is particularly passionate about the principles and practices that take place ‘off the mat’ but that he believes are essential for a more authentic way of life.

Fabio Fabbri left Italy to travel the world for 12 years. The many cultures and people he encountered fostered in him a great respect for individuality as well as for the ancient traditions. His personal approach ‘on the mat’ is a combination of classical Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa, where movement meets breath to create a flowing meditation. He is especially grateful to his teachers for helping him deepen his experience with the more profound aspects of Yoga, such as the Shatkarmas, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and the more esoteric meditation techniques.

He has become particularly passionate about the principles and practices that take place ‘off the mat’ but that he believes are essential for a more authentic way of life. His main goal as a teacher is to increase people self-awareness, allowing their experience of Yoga to be extended into their daily life. He has previously lectured at Nature Care College and running the Yoga Teacher Training program at A Fine Balance.

He also runs specialised courses on Yoga philosophy, chakra meditation, pranayama and relaxation, Yogic physiology and postural alignment, as well as the great Yogic cleanses. He offers mentoring opportunities, designs individual practices for his private and his Freedom Yoga students and runs regular retreats both in Australia and internationally.

About Natalia Perera

nataliaperera-withhandsNatalia Perera works as a spiritually inspired Yogini and teacher of ancient Nature based knowledge and practices that encourage self-awareness and a life well lived.

Her experience ranges from social work in a Sydney refuge for homeless women, to an intern Ayurvedic doctor at Poonthottam Ayurvedasram in Kerala, India, to a lecturer in the Ayurvedic Medicine faculty at Nature Care College in Sydney. She currently teaches Meditation, Ayurveda, the Bhagavad Gita and the Psychology of Yoga on Yoga Teacher Training courses at Sukha Mukha Yoga and A Fine Balance.

She has been in private practice since 2001 where she specialises in Yogic and Nature based Psychotherapy, drawing upon her training in Psychology (Masters from University of New South Wales) and Gestalt Therapy as well as her study and experience with Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda since 1995. Her consultations aim to identify the core imbalances underlying presenting physical health symptoms, mental or emotional weaknesses, relationship issues or simply, lack of fulfilment in life. Natalia then uses practical tools from the Vedic and Shamanic traditions to help people overcome these with peace and fulfill their inherent potential with joy. This may involve holistic counselling, intuitive life coaching, meditation, a personalised Yoga (Asana) practice, Yogic cleanses, nutritional advice, food or herbal remedy, Australian bush flower essences, or spiritual healing either through a hands on massage or a Crystal Light Bed.

Natalia is most passionate about encouraging people to live fully on the solid foundations of a higher consciousness. She is especially captivated by the mystical, devotional path of the heart. She lives with her family, in Sydney, Australia. She can be found via her own website www.saffronrose.com

Natalia's author page on Spiritual Activism for the New York Spirit magazine is here.

Read an interview with a spiritual activist Natalia Perera on LevitatingMonkey/blog.


About Fiona Pullen

guringa yoga shala Fiona PullenFiona has been practising Ashtanga Yoga for 25 years. She is the Founder and Director of Ashtanga Yoga Space in Sydney since 2004.

Fiona is an authorised Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, one of only a handful of teachers in Australasia directly authorised to teach the method of Ashtanga Yoga at this senior level through the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Yoga Institute in Mysore, India.

Fiona is registered Teacher Trainer and Yoga Mentor with Yoga Australia. She has taught Ashtanga retreats, workshops, assistant training programs and Yoga philosophy for the past 10 years.


About Agnesa Simcic

guringa yoga shala Agnesa SimcicAgnesa was introduced to Yoga more than 15 years ago, but really came into the discipline when pregnant with her first child in 2005.

Her physical and emotional experience of Yoga through pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood sparked a deep respect and gratitude for the practice, inspiring a much greater commitment and the passion that eventually led to her first Teacher Training in 2013.

Agnesa has a solid base in Ashtanga Yoga and is highly experienced in Power (200 hrs certification) and Hatha Yoga (350 hrs certification). She believes life is a state of permanent flow and uses Yoga as a tool to observe and manage the ever-present movement both within and around the Self. Her classes reflect this philosophy, using movement with breath to slow, strengthen and support the body, mind and spirit.

Agnesa is also a qualified food coach and is currently studying Nutritional Medicine to compliment her practice and teaching of Yoga for better health and ongoing wellbeing.



About Debbie Gilligan

guringa yoga shala Debbie Gilligan

After leaving South Africa to travel the world, I moved to Australia in 2005. With a love for sport, competing professionally in swimming, dancing and running, I found myself with the start of osteoarthritis in my hips and was told I could never do sport again - I was heartbroken. It is then that I found Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. My teacher convinced me to commit to a daily practice for 1 month and that I would experience all the physical health benefits that any sport could offer and more.

That month turned into 10 years and I have never looked back. I completed a 3-year teacher training including Pranayama, Meditation, Shiatsu and Yoga philosophy. I have practiced through 2 pregnancies right up until the birth of my babies and it is Yoga that guides me on me new path as a parent. No osteoarthritis in sight!

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of this ancient practice and seeing students inspired to experience the same holistic health benefits that I have. I also hold an Honours Degree in Dietetics and am currently undertaking studies in Homeopathy.



About Amanda Muirhead

guringa yoga shala Amanda Muirhead

When Amanda began practicing yoga over 20 years ago, she discovered that subtly woven in and around the work on the mat was a richly holistic approach encompassing philosophy and lifestyle, to name just a few tools, to take off the mat and into the busy world around her.

This discovery was so transformative that in 2006 she completed an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Nature Care College, and has been teaching Hatha yoga ever since - drawing inspiration from her studies in restorative yoga, meditation, pranayama and ayurvedic principles.

Amanda is level 2 teacher registered with Yoga Australia, and an associate member of the International Yoga Teachers Association. Amanda believes that yoga is for everybody – that you’re never too old, unfit or tight, to do yoga. It can be tailored to meet individual levels of flexibility and fitness, and pursued at any pace, without competition.

Her teaching style reflects this belief. Working closely with the breath, she encourages and supports her students to develop the self-awareness to attain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being in a safe and comfortable environment.


About Claire Lane

guringa yoga shala Claire LaneClaire's journey into Yoga began over 7 years ago, when she was working in the city and suffering from the aches and pains that come with sitting all day at a desk.

Starting with Iyengar Yoga, she immediately noticed a physical improvement, and over time, started to notice other benefits both on and off the mat, particularly in her stress levels and ability to manage stressful situations. Gradually, she started to explore other types of Yoga including Hatha and Yin, and expanded her learning into Ayurveda and Yogic studies.

This journey eventually took her to Yoga Teacher Training at A Fine Balance in Mona Vale. Her passion lies in sharing the wisdom that the ancient Yogis provided, to help her students learn how to reduce their own levels of stress, restore balance to the body, and bring calm and quiet to the mind.

She teaches a gentle version of Hatha Yoga, using props to support the body, with a combination of Pranayama (breath work) and Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) to provide the perfect antidote for a busy lifestyle.

Read Claire's reflections here. 

About Stacy Hall

guringa yoga shala Stacy Hall

Stacy believes there is something for everyone to love about Yoga! She enjoys teaching both adults Hatha Yoga classes and children's classes, for which she receives many compliments.

As a young adult, she found Yoga helped her calm anxieties and feel rejuvenated, discovering a whole new sense of wellbeing. In her thirties, Stacy completed Yogic studies with Satyananda Yoga Academy in 2004, learning and practising all aspects of traditional Hatha Yoga and Philosophy.

When her youngest child started school in 2012, Stacy began teaching a curriculum based Yoga program with Life Skills Group. She has 4 years experience teaching Yoga to children in our local school community and beyond.

In 2015, Stacy completed Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training (350 hours) further expanding her personal practice and qualifications to teach all age groups.

Stacy's passion is to help students enquire into the more subtle effects of Yoga with boundless benefits. She has a nurturing and non competitive approach to Yoga, enabling all her students to feel comfortable and enjoy their time on the mat.

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