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Saffron Rose's Journeys Into Yoga Teacher Training presents a unique offering amongst the ubiquitous teacher training programs currently advertised.

Instead of the more usual 'linear' approach to learning, with separation of the course content into various modules (in particular the Ayurvedic and Spiritual Psychology content which is often an 'add on' if there at all), Journeys Into Yoga immerses the student, quite literally, in both an inner and outer experiential journey, with the teaching content rules by the Five Vedic Elements over the course of three elementally themed retreats in highly charged sacred places around the world. It has a globally recognised credential with Yoga Alliance as a 500 hour Yoga school with 'Journeys Into Yoga' as its primary Advanced Teacher Training verified 'track'.

This program has evolved and emerged from the desire of two very respected, much loved and experienced practitioners wanting to provide an immersive style of teaching training over 500 hours with a strong emphasis on the quality and depth of the content being delivered through an experience that is enriching for the students themselves.

Saffron Rose's Fabio Fabbri - a senior Yoga Alliance recognised teacher is the lead trainer and inspiration behind the course, along with Saffron Rose's owner, his life and business partner Natalia Perera, who brings to the course her skills from her 20 years of psychotherapy, Ayurvedic studies and clinical experience, her vast and varied years of practice with and teaching different styles of meditation as well as her applied knowledge of shamanic and spiritual healing. Both, in their own unique ways, practice using nature as their source of inspiration. Both have taught on Australian based Yoga Teacher Training programs including Nature Care College, Sukha Mukha Yoga and Yoga & Health Collective (formerly 'A Fine Balance'). For information about Fabio and Natalia, read more here and here.

The Structure of the Journeys Into Yoga:

The intention of 'Journeys Into Yoga' is that the teacher training will be delivered over three, two week long retreats, held in geographical locations with a magical nature setting that specifically reflect the elements to play with, to apply and to become proficient in.


"Simplified, everything in the manifested realm can be returned to the level of the Vedic Five Elements (or Pancha Maha Bhutas; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) which are the key foundations of Ayurvedic and Yogic understanding. The intention here is that the elements become synergistic with the learning experience, the course content and the students' personal evolution are effectively 'ruled' by the element."

Fabio Fabbri


So rather than learning from theory - perhaps by a lecture from within four walls - the idea is that the student will undergo the teachings synergistically within the natural surrounds wherever practical. This is learning as the original Yogis would have done, from their sensory, physical and physiological responses. This means that the course syllabus will be presented slightly differently to other teacher training modules, delivered to suit the elements and following an experiential immersion into the subjects, rather than following the constraints of a structured course heading. For instance, a particular asana, with the related anatomy and physiology, nutrition, pranayama, meditation technique, chakra and thought or emotional pattern which relate to the corresponding dosha or element will be taught together. Nevertheless, all of the required ER +500 Yoga Alliance syllabus will be met, just delivered in a more personally transformative way.

guringa yoga shala Jatiluwih bali

The First Retreat:

We will start our journey together in Bali, Indonesia, which reflect the Water and Earth elements.

The content will relate to these elements and the associated chakras (1st and 2nd) with asana, anatomy and physiology, pranayama and kriyas being relevant to the elements and to the balancing of the Kapha Dosha. Food will be locally grown and teaching will include an understanding of how to apply the Ayurvedic principles to nutrition. The intrinsically earthy and water based surroundings of Bali will be used to emphasise the teachings including excursions to 'cleansing' waterfalls and grounding exercises through rice paddies.

guringa yoga shala krakatau strombolian

The Second Retreat:

We will cover the Fire element in Stromboli in Sicily, Italy, appropriately, a volcanic island.

This retreat will focus on both pacifying the Pitta Dosha and working with the fire of Agni (our digestion, both physiological and mental), through related asana, anatomy and physiology, pranayama, meditation and nutrition. Once again, the natural surroundings will be used to emphasise the elements and ensure learning is cellular; one such excursion will be climbing the active volcano, with the experience of a local guide.



guringa yoga shala mountain

The Third Retreat:

Our final retreat together will be held in Rishikesh, in the Indian Himalayas, at high altitude, basking in the abundance of the Air and Ether elements.

In the same way as in the other retreats, the teachings will surround these two elements, the related Doshic principles to be applied and the chakras to work with.

Within each retreat, there will be an emphasis on the development of a personal practice, in light of the student's own Ayurvedic constitution and Doshas, and adjusting where needed when considering their health, the weather, season, and personal life circumstances and how these impact their whole Body Mind system. Additionally, there will be one-to-one mentoring sessions and obviously the tools to sequence, create and teach Yoga classes effectively.


This unique program will be commencing in 2017 with the first retreat to be held in Bali in January 2017, the second in Stromboli in September of the same year.

In 2018, retreats will be held in Bali in January, in Vulcano in June and in Rishikesh in October.

From the second year (2018), there will be the opportunity of completing the 500 hour teacher training in one year, two years or over three years but note that for the first year's intake in 2017, completion will take place only after the final India retreat in October 2018.

In between retreats, there will be on-line resourcing, an ongoing obligation to keep journals of practice and teaching (asana, meditation and pranayama), attendance at webinars and the commitment of attending local classes and developing a personal practice.

There will be some places for practitioners seeking to deepen and develop their Yoga in a more synergistic way with Nature, and who do not want to take assessments or complete the formal obligations that come with a Yoga Teacher Training. However, priority will be given to those who have signed up for the qualification to ensure that they can complete the necessary modules.

Sounds like your kind of Yoga Teacher Training or life changing experience?

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