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Guringai Yoga Shala offers Yoga and Meditation classes, workshops and courses for beginners to advanced. Our school is in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern beaches.

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Satsang is a gathering together of seekers, for the purpose of discussing spiritual topics. Satsang means the company of the good, the company of Truth. We will gather weekly for Satsang during Term 1 to discuss the following topics in this order:

(1) Enlightenment; (2) Spirituality; (3) Sexuality and Yoga; (4) Is Yoga an exercise?; (5) Ayurveda and Yoga; (6) Meditation; (7) Being a Yogi in the West; (8) Ethical principles of Yoga in daily life; (9) God, gods, deities; (10) Breath and Prana

Ten weeks from Weds 6th Feb, 6.15 - 7.45pm

Drop in $27 / course $250 - bookings essential



Freedom Yoga is your own practice in a group class. Fabio will design a personalised sequence just for you; then you come to class once, twice or three times a week to develop your practice. You will get direct support from Fabio, whilst practising alongside others doing their own sequences.

Term 1 starts Tuesday 5th Feb and runs for 10 weeks. Come on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays, any time between 6.15 and 8am.

$250/$460/$570 for the term for once, twice or three times a week. Add $100 for a 1:1 session with Fabio to design the practice.

Previous Courses



Join Fabio for this deep dive into yoga, pranayama and meditation - thoughtfully sequenced for these warm summer evenings.

Mon 7th - Fri 11th January

6.15 - 7.45pm every day





Too many of us in the West (even Yoga teachers!) think of Yoga as something we do on that mat. Fabio is committed to encouraging everyone to take the practice off the mat and out into the world - literally teaching us to live yoga every day.

This course is about understanding the Yoga lifestyle, diet, ethics, philosophy, relaxation, meditation and breathing. So much more than Downward Dog and Warrior 2!

Yoga truly does have the power to change your life... if you let it!

Term 4 starts Wed 17th October, 6.15 - 7.45pm, for nine weeks

With Fabio, $225



Why not try daily yoga, just for a week, with the upcoming

Spring Early Morning Intensive in the October holidays

A lot of people worry that a course with 'intensive' in the name is going to be too... well... intensive. But it simply means a daily practice over a short period.

The Spring Intensive will be focussed on helping you get ready for Spring, in mind, body and breath. And it's a great way to start each day, and maybe to get you in the habit of a daily practice.

Spring Intensive with Fabio
Every day from Monday 8th - Friday 12th October, 6.30 - 8.00am

Freedom Fabio Fabbri.png


Your own practice, in a group environment

New term starts Tuesday 24th / Thursday 26th July

Ten weeks with Fabio - 6.15 - 8.00am

Once a week $250 / Twice a week $460

Yoga Emotions Fabio Fabbri.png


Uncover the connection between Yoga and your emotions in this deep course with Fabio.

Explore your emotions from Ayurvedic, Vedic and Yogic perspectives. Learn strategies to help you deal with your emotions, and understand them on a new level. Discover practices to stimulate or to pacify strong emotions.

A unique course, not to be missed...

Ten weeks from Wednesday 25th July, 6.15 - 7.45pm


carol matasci.JPG


Do you ever feel disconnected, scattered or numb? If so, this course will help you to feel CONNECTED and ALIVE! Awaken to the joy of being in your body, and take the time on a Sunday afternoon to nourish and resource yourself for the week ahead.

Embodied Meditation is designed to cultivate presence in your body-mind, and to regulate your nervous system. We will explore practices to awaken the five senses, meditation in movement, and be in conversation with your body. PLUS sound baths and take-home practices.

Four week course from Sun 12th August, 6-7.30pm, with Carol - $100

Guringai Yoga Freedom Yoga.png


Your own practice, at your own pace, in a supervised environment.

Starts Tue 1st / Thu 3rd May, 6.15-8.00am, for nine weeks

$225 once a week / $414 twice a week

With Fabio

Guringai Yoga Yamas and Niyamas.png


Discover the ten Yogic guidelines to a fulfilling life, by delving into this ancient philosophy.

Nine weeks from Wednesday 2nd May

6.15 - 7.45pm


With Fabio

Guringai Yoga Autumn Intensive.jpg


Five mornings to celebrate the changing season of Autumn.

Monday 16th - Friday 20th April

6.30 - 8.00am

$125 - With Fabio

Easter Intensive Stacy Hall Guringai.jpg


Sensations | Inspirations | Fluctuations | Rejuvenation

Friday 30th March - Monday 2nd April with Stacy

8.00 - 9.30am

$100 ($27 drop-in)

Indulge yourself this Easter!

Guringai Yoga Eight Limbs.jpg


Join Fabio to explore this path to liberation and freedom, discovering along the way moral disciplines, positive duties, posture, breath, concentration, meditation and more...

Nine weeks from Wednesday 31st January 2018

6.15 - 7.45pm


With Fabio

Guringai Yoga New Year Intensive.jpg


Cleanse and detox after all the festive indulgences. Nourish your body and soul with prana. Rediscover the radiant and healthy you that's ready to shine.

Five mornings with Claire, 6.30 - 8.00am

Monday 15th - Friday 19th January 2018


Guringai Yoga Mythology.jpg


A 10-week experiential course on the myths and stories behind Yogic postures, techniques and madras.

Wednesdays, 6.15 - 7.45pm, with Fabio

From 11th October 2017



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